Beatrix Potter: 1866 – 1943

Europe • Illustrator • Author • Scientist • Environment

Have you ever heard a rabbit talk? Peter Rabbit is the fictitious main character that a curious woman named Helen Beatrix Potter wrote about in one of her books titled, “The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Beatrix grew up away from other kids and was educated by governesses (also known as private tutors). She continuously drew and studied animals and nature from a young age. Many of her published works stemmed from stories Beatrix would write to her nieces and nephews. She is most well-known for her skilled yet witty watercolor illustrations that accompanied the fantasy storybook tales she wrote. But she also was a conservationist and credited with developing a theory on the germination of fungus spores. After the sudden deaths of her father and fiance, Beatrix was able to support herself and her family with the money she earned from the books she wrote. Her successful publishing endeavors can be attributed to her aptitude for good business decisions.

Beatrix teaches us that women can support themselves and their families while positively impacting the environment and other people by loving and respecting nature, and making good business decisions.

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Who wrote, “The Tale of Peter Rabbit?”

Who was well known for her witty watercolor illustrations of animals?

Which author developed a theory on the germination of fungus spores?